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Life Story

Thank you Nicole!
We are pleased to have a new Germany backpacker named Nicole Swoboda visiting Maraiscenter for few days. Her presence among us has brought joy and friendship. We thank her for her visiting and we wish to see her again in future!
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Maraiscenter Community Group Photo
We had a big group photo while YB Jamawi Jaafar visited Maraiscenter. We are working step by step to improve the village livelihoods. Our this year main project will be community based tourism. Community based tourism is tourism in which local residents (often rural, poor and economically marginalised) invite tourists to visit their communities with…
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Cooking Workshop for Community 3
The one month cooking class is about to come to an end. Today the mothers learned how to make "Kuih Pulut Tekan” and “Sup Kacang Hijau dengan Pulut”. They all loved it very much. May they be able to pass the recipes to the communities and use it to generate some extra incomes for their…
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Cooking Workshop for Community 2
Another week of cooking workshop for the community. This round the menu is “Kuih Jemput Jemput Udang”. Everyone was enjoying and loving it. After learning all these, there will be a team to share it to a bigger group of the community so that more will be benefited from the workshops.
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